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    Mohammed Rafi
    Drill Down to Opportunity
    Topic posted October 7, 2019 by Mohammed RafiBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points 
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    Drill Down to Opportunity



    I have created report for Opportunity and once drilled down I would like to open the Opportunity Page to view entire details of an Opportunity.


    How can this be done kindly guide





    • Mihaela M


      You need to use Deep Links for this. They enable to drill down from a BI page to an application page using proper context. In general the format of deep link is:

      You need to use proper link for object in question and page needed.


      • Mohammed Rafi

        Thanks Mihaela

        Where do I need to specify the deep link do you have any document ID with an example to share

        • Mihaela M


          You can find details in 

    • Dimple Nagesh

      Hi Rafi,

          Open the BI report > Navigate to Criteria Tab > Select the Opportunity column from which you are trying to navigate > Edit Column properties > Interaction > Values > Select Action Links > Click on + and create a new Action link > Navigate to the Web page > Paste the formed URL > Click on define parameters"Opportunity"."Opportunity ID"

      Now edit the third parameter as Column Value and select "Opportunity"."Opportunity ID" and Save it.

      • Cyrille Saulnier

        Hi Dimple, this is great and life saving!

        Quick question: I get a pop up "Invoke Action" (attached screenshot). Can we remove it as it is not very user-friendly?

        Thanks for your help


        • Priscila Terazawa

          Hi Cyrille,

          If you haven't found it yet, in the action link configuration, all you need to do is to select "Do not display in a popup if only one action link is available at runtime" in the column Properties > Interaction. See the screenshot


          • Cyrille Saulnier

            Hi - thanks Priscila

            The option is ticked indeed but I still get the Invoke Action pop up window...

            any idea?

            • Priscila Terazawa

              Hi Cyrille,

              Please try to set Primary Interaction as Action link from my screenshot.

              Make sure you save the changes before testing.

              See if that helps.