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    Ed van Kessel
    Functionality of Fulfilling expenses items from internal...
    Topic posted January 25, 2019 by Ed van KesselRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Create Requisition, How-To, Inventory Cloud 
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    Functionality of Fulfilling expenses items from internal sources
    What is the expected search results when searching for an expense item that can be fulfilled from both a supplier, or internal sources

    With regards to the new feature of Self Service Release 18c, the product now supports the option for fulfill an expense item requisition from internal warehouse supplier instead of always from a purchase order.

    My question is about the visibility of this option to the user during the search process?  Will the system display information on inventory quantities from the inventory organization?

    The use case is as follows: User is on a job site, and needs an item to complete his job.  He logs onto self service procurement and searches for the item.  The expected results would be a display of options for vendors and price points, plus the inventory quantity available at one or more of the local warehouses they could pick up the item from.

    Can you provide some information on what the 18C does provide with relation to this use case.

    Thank you


    Rel 13 18c



    • Ashok


      You have the Enter Requisition Line feature (assigned to an Advanced Procurement Requester) that enables what you are requiring. For a basic requester, the system will source the item automatically from internal sources without deference to the quantity available. At this time, the system does not have the visibility of on-hand stock in the Shopping Results.

      To add though, that was not the intent of the design either. A basic requester in most cases does not have the need (as we have heard from several customers) for the added sophistication of choosing between warehouses based on quantities etc. The idea is to view the item and order it and let the organization figure the logistics.

      That said, we do have some requirement (specifically from health care) where certain users with specific privileges do need the ability you are requesting. There are no timelines for when we plan on incorporating this into the feature.