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    Palash Kundu
    Groovy Expression for Requisition Distribution DFF
    Topic posted March 30, 2018 by Palash KunduSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, last edited March 30, 2018, tagged Create Requisition, How-To, Requisition Import, Requisition Mobile, Requisition Web Services, White Paper 
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    Groovy Expression for Requisition Distribution DFF
    We need Groovy expression syntax for Requisition Distribution DFF to change value of a DFF based on Supplier in Requisition page


    We are trying to change values of a Requisition Distribution DFF in Requisition page based on supplier field value in Requisition Page.


    Does anyone has a code snippet of this that we can use or code snippet for similar functionality?






    • Ashok

      Will wait to see if other customers in the community can provide any assistance.

    • Palash Kundu

      Hi Ashok

      Please can you confirm that groovy script can be used for requisition page?

      Also if you have any SME on Groovy script that I can connect with for few pointers that will be helpful




      • ramamoorthy kalyanasundaran

        Any update on this .. need to some validation below standard fields, need help other fileds

        Requisitioning BU ID :{PARAMETER.RequisitioningBUId}
        Source Agreement ID :{PARAMETER.SourceAgreementId}
        Requester ID :{PARAMETER.RequesterId}
        Category ID :{PARAMETER.CategoryId}
        Supplier ID :{PARAMETER.SupplierId}
        Urgent :{PARAMETER.Urgent}
        Line Type ID :{PARAMETER.LineTypeId}