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    Subbarao Medicharla
    How to create XML datahub definition, XML UOM, XML UNSPSC...
    Topic posted July 18, 2017 by Subbarao MedicharlaBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged How-To, Manage Procurement Catalog 
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    How to create XML datahub definition, XML UOM, XML UNSPSC etc., in Oracle Procurement Cloud?
    B2B Communication setup in E-Biuz Suite Vs Oracle Procurement Cloud

     My Client is migrating from Oracle E-Business Suite R12 to Oracle R12. In Self service Procurement, punchout catalog functionality is used to place PO on suppliers through procurement hub.  In E-Business Suite, they configured XML data hub, XML UNSPSC, XML UOM etc., I didn't see any similar kind of setup in Oracle Cloud except Manage mapping sets.  Is it the only one  which determines which supplier  to place PO? 

    And also can you please answer the below clarifications?

    I would like to know how Cloud B2B configuration differs from E-Business Suite B2B config.

    How do we export existing B2B setups and data to Cloud?


     Thanks Subba 



    • Subbarao Medicharla



      Any thoughts please?


    • Bas van Gameren


      I am not sure whether I completely understand your question.

      For punch-outs you can maintain the mappings by leveraging the ADF-DI spreadsheet for easy uploading (e.g. UOM mapping, category mapping)
      In B2B you setup the PO communications for XML suppliers. 

      Can you please explain your question in a bit more detail or perhaps with some examples?