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    Ruchir Nema
    Ignore Skipped Instances on resuming paused report BIP Job
    Topic posted April 14, 2019 by Ruchir NemaGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged BI Publisher, Reports 
    Ignore Skipped Instances on resuming paused report BIP Job
    Ignore Skipped Instances on resuming paused report BIP Job

    Hello all, 

    We have almost more than 100+ Reports and ESS Jobs that are scheduled and as part of each maintenance cycle, we have each time go ahead and pause the ESS and Report Job.  Once the instance is back if you go ahead and directly resume the paused job it will trigger all the instances for a particular job which were supposed to be triggered if there was no downtime, to avoid this we then have to reschedule them to change the start date to skip the instances that would have triggered if there was no downtime.

    This is a painful process as we are in a global implementation and these jobs are going to increase for each of the rollouts. 

    Below example provides detail on what is the ask 

    Eg - Repor job scheduled to run for every 15 mins 
    4:00 PM 1st run, 4:15 PM 2nd run, 4:30 PM 3rd run, 4:45 PM 4th run, 5:00 PM 5th run 

    I am pausing the job for 30 mins post 4:00 PM 

    Expectation - 4:15 PM Skipped instance, 4:30 pm Skipped instance so the next run has to happen only once at 4:45 PM 
    Actual Reality - As soon as the job is resumed it first triggers the 4:15 PM job, then 4:30 PM and then triggers 4:45 PM job 

    we want to skip any untriggered instance. Or is there any property which I can apply on ESS Job as well as Report Jobs scheduled, or is there any other way in which this can be achieved?

    Release 13 19A