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    Kim Dante
    Reducing Database Storage
    Topic posted October 14, 2019 by Kim DanteGold Medal: 3,500+ Points 
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    Reducing Database Storage

    Does Oracle ever charge for exceeding your database storage?  I am establishing some best practices for purging old data and was curious if anyone has been charged or told they need to purchase more storage.

    Is there a way to automatically delete attachments from older incidents?

    Is there a way to automatically delete old contact records that have no incident history?




    • Mike

      Hi Kim, 

      Oracle does charge for exceeding licensed capacity. For example a ~70GB baseline is calculated and your allotments per Enterprise Dynamic Agent Desktop User. If your yearly usage is 230GB 

      120 units of Additional 1 GB Peak File Storage * 11.55 (rounded) months * $4.17/unit 


      There are methods for removing old incident attachments via ConnectPHP. However it is not a feature that is built into the product. 


      There are methods available to delete old records via the REST API or ROQL or you can wait for the Oracle Aged Database Utility to automatically archive the incidents. 


      I hope you find this information helpful. 




    • Robert Surujbhan

      Hi Kim, I would add that both the Connect Web Services (SOAP) and REST APIs are equipped to delete file attachments on Incidents as well. Not automatically, but with a little development effort.

      You could build simple applications (in any modern programming language) that use the APIs to programmatically remove attachments - something you could run on a regular basis to keep your storage under certain levels if desired.  There are also simple reports you can create to list the file attachments and their file sizes (based on Incident age, for example).  This information could then be used to delete the attachments, all using the APIs.

      It can be done using Connect PHP with server-side scripts, too!

    • Edson Junior

      Please, notice that prior to the 18B release, incident archiving and purging settings were available through a configuration setting and it was also possible to set this value per interface. See more information about the Data Lifecycle Management for this matter as our best practice.


      • Mike

        Interesting, I don't see DLM listed under Site Configuration like it says in KB 10013. Does it require additional entitlements ? 

        • Kim Dante

          It is only in the BUI.

        • Edson Junior

          #1 make sure you are using the administrator

          #2 make sure the profile you want to use has the 'Bulk Delete' permission flagged.

          #3 Go to navigation settings and find Commun > Data Lifecycle Policies and add to the nav set.

          #4 Go to BUI and make sure you can see it.

          #5 Define the policies for Archive and/or Purge;

          #6 Wait for the agendatabase utility to run and start to read the policies.

          #7 Done.

          Hope this helps.