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    Scott Heidenreich
    Counting attachments
    Topic posted May 10, 2017 by Scott HeidenreichBronze Trophy: 5,000+ Points 
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    Counting attachments

    Is there anyway to count the number of attachments a user has added to an interview using the upload control or to limit the number of attachments that a user can add?

    OPA Feb 2017



    • Gireesh Bhat

      By using fattach table, try to create a report to show number of records. I'm not Sure about setting the limit.

    • Scott Heidenreich

      I need to do this while in an OPA interview. "fattach" has no meaning in OPA that I can find in the documentation.  I want to be able to write a rule or set a condition that limits the number of files uploaded to an OPA interview to whatever number I would like - the current use case is to limit the user to attaching only 1 file to an interview prior to submitting it.

    • Davin Fifield

      Hi Scott, 

      In the February 2017 release there's no easy way to limit an upload control to one attachment. We have plans to include this as an option - as well as being able to choose what name an attachment should get when uploaded.

    • Scott Heidenreich

      That would be wonderful!  I up vote that enhancement. LOL.

    • Landry KATEU

      hi  Davin,

      is there an upgrade about those enhancement of the upload control ?

      now i'm using 

      Oracle Policy Automation 17D
      Build 991 - Tuesday, 20 March 2018
    • Davin Fifield

      Not yet. This enhancement is in progress, but no ETA we can share yet.