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    Can we perform material simulations in S&OP based on Demand...
    Topic posted September 16, 2019 by SHARATH CHANDER MANOHAR, tagged Collections, Demand Management Cloud, OTBI, Planning Central Cloud, Sales & Operations Planning Cloud, Supply Chain Collaboration Cloud, Supply Planning Cloud 
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    Can we perform material simulations in S&OP based on Demand ?

    Hello All,

    I need some clarification regarding oracle cloud S&OP


    Requirement : Once forecast is generated in Demand Management(DM) user copies the forecast from DM to Sales and operations planning(S&OP). Once the forecast is copied to S&OP can business users perform what if scenarios / simulations related to materials such as based on demand we must have visibility to see the stock and on hand in S&OP.

    I know we can have this visibility in supply planning. But, not sure about S&OP. Please let me know can we achieve the above in S&OP.


    Sharath M



    • Roy Amozeg

      Yes, you can see all supply as well as demand in S&OP and also get exceptions 

      However there are differences between S&OP and Supply Planning in certain areas. For example S&OP does not generate pegging and it does not generate planned orders that you can release to execution

      There are more differences.. This was just an example



      Hello Roy,


      Thanks for the update. Yes, I agree with your point that any pegging and release of PO can't be done in S&OP. I think we can get clear picture of on hand, PO's and safety stock in S&OP (Aggregate Build Plan) also as part of supply review cycle on S&OP we can review the supply plan to get clear picture.


      Sharath M