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    Sam Napoli
    Integrate Manufacturing Outside Processing with OTM
    Topic posted March 27, 2019 by Sam NapoliBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged Work Execution 
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    Integrate Manufacturing Outside Processing with OTM
    How best to we integrate Manufacturing Outside Processing with OTM

    We are implementing Oracle SCM Cloud - Inventory, Order Management, Manufacturing, Procurement and Oracle Transportation Management (OTM). We are not implementing WMS. We have identified integrations from 3 sources:

    1. Order Management - Sales Orders / Shipments to OTM
    2. Inventory - Transfer Orders / Shipments to OTM
    3. Manufacturing - Outside Processing Shipment and Purchase Order to OTM

    For Sales Orders, we're following the information in the Order Management book -

    Is there similar documentation on the best approach for Manufacturing Outside Processing? Our initial thoughts are to integrate the shipment line to OTM for the delivery to supplier and the OSP purchase order for the pick up from supplier. But what mechanism do we use for the integration? What's the trigger from Oracle Manufacturing? What are the web services to use? I'm hoping someone at Oracle has already worked out the best way to do this.