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    Rob Raftery
    Role-based, bind-if not working in Staging
    Topic posted September 16, 2019 by Rob RafteryRed Ribbon: 250+ Points 
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    Role-based, bind-if not working in Staging

    We have several buttons in our application wrapped in bind-if components.  The bind-if is checking user roles to determine if the button can be displayed or not.  The code is working in dev when we set the Who Am I role options.  However, when we stage the application, the buttons are not behaving correctly.

    To test the contents of the user roles, we are displaying the contents of the user roles array (i.e. $application.user.roles[0], $application.user.roles[1], etc.) in input text on the page.  In dev, we can clearly see the correct roles (i.e. Fulfillment, Billing, etc.).  However, in staging, we are seeing hexadecimal values in the roles array.  The values look like 7ab606af4991494b9d09dd5eae177e21.

    Is there something else we need to do in Stagng to get the roles to work?




    • Sunil Polineni

      Can you please open SR for the issue We will take look on it.

    • Rob Raftery

      We figured out our issue.  Instead of using the roles array like $application.user.roles[0], we had to use $application.user.roles.Billing where Billing is one of the roles defined in our application.