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    chetan kumar
    Can we make search criteria mandatory on manage requisition...
    Topic posted October 26, 2018 by chetan kumarBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged How-To 
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    Can we make search criteria mandatory on manage requisition page
    Can we make search criteria mandatory on manage requisition page


    End users when searching for relevant requisitions / POs. we used to have an option to search by entering the requesters name, on R13 we have ‘entered by’ option which is not helpful as very often budget holders / requesters are not sure which admin person entered req on their behalf. Any chance this could be reverted back please and requester field reinstated?


    Is it possible for us to make search criteria field(Requester) mandatory on manage requisition page

    Thanks, chetan




    • Deepak Padhy

      There was a requirement to make the Requisition BU LOV as mandatory but via Customization/sandbox it was not possible. 

      So i believe in we can not make such customization in any field in the Search area. 

    • chetan kumar

      OK thanks. That’s not helpful as with current functionality end users (requesters) will not be able to export their requisitions/POs if these have been entered by different admin people in the team.

      Are there any alternative options that could be used for the requesters to view/export all their requisitions raised to date (bearing in mind there are usually several people in teams entering requisitions on behalf of budget holders/requesters)?

      • Jim Van Tongerloo

        Hi Chetan,

        I assume you have auto-numbering enabled for Requisitions?

        If your Requisitions have a prefix, you could just perform a search on:

        • Requisition number: "REQ%" (or whatever your numbering starts with)
        • Requester: "Chetan Kumar"


        • chetan kumar

          Hi Jim,

          Thanks for the Update, We dont have use prefix to requisition number, So we cannot search with Requisition number as"REQ%".