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    Travis Benning
    KA - Managed Search Query - Concept Cluster
    Topic posted September 27, 2019 by Travis BenningRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Knowledge Advanced 
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    KA - Managed Search Query - Concept Cluster

    See attached. When MSQ is showing this; is it clustering the concepts or matching two concepts? I don't understand what the drop down is when there's two concepts matching is reflecting. 




    • James Carstairs

      hi Travis,

      This shows that the term ID is appearing in 2 concepts (Idaho USA and identification).

      A search term (synonym, acronym, any word(s)) can be part of multiple concepts and there is no link between the concepts.

      If you select one of the concepts and then edit you will see the contents of the concept.

      In this case, ID in its uppercase form will match both Idaho USA and identification, however id in its lowercase form will only match identification.

      Concepts can be setup this way to be case sensitive.


      Naturally when the search runs, it will try to match on both.

      If you don't want either of these or do not agree with the contents, you can disable the concept.


      Note: the concept name is nothing more than a name and could be anything - it's only the contents of the concept which matter for search matching.