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    Marc Rose
    Adding Natural Account to Supplier Site Only
    Topic posted January 12, 2018 by Marc RoseRed Ribbon: 250+ Points 
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    Adding Natural Account to Supplier Site Only
    Is it possible to add the Natural Account to a Supplier Site

    I have many Suppliers that are shared by many of my Company Segment Values (Balancing Segment).  I know how Distribution Sets (DS) work but with a DS, you are required to fill in the complete code combination.  I want to be able to know that a specific Supplier is going to the SAME Natural Account every time, regardless of the other segment values that will be entered during invoice processing.  Is this possible, is there a work-around that someone knows about?



    • Hong Gao

      Could you please post the query with the Financials forum below?  They may help with the mapping between distribution set and natural account for supplier invoice processing.