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    aqil shaik
    Running a single Demand &Supply Plan- Which measure is used...
    Topic posted June 24, 2019 by aqil shaikRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Sales & Operations Planning Cloud, Tip, User Experience 
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    Running a single Demand &Supply Plan- Which measure is used as input for Supply Plan
    Clarification on the Measures


    Seeking clarification on the Measures in a Single Demand and Supply Plan. This may be true for Planning Central , Demand and Supply or S&OP Modules. May be simple question but wanted to trace the measures, as we have custom BIP reports. Users are looking for flexibility to start preparing for next monthly Demand cycle -even though the current Executive approval of current month is not yet reached

    Separate Demand Plan- We are using seeded profle. So Shipment History is the input and the output is the Final Shipment Forecast. When approved the Approved Final Shipment Forecast. Single Approval

    Separate Single Supply Plan- The output measure is Consensus Forecast . Upon approval, the measure is 'Approved Consensus Forecast'. Single Approval

    S&OP Plan- Running a single Plan with Demand and Supply as separate steps. How do we manage the Demand review and Supply Review

      a) Step1 - Run only the Demand Plan ( do NOT  tick the Supply Plan)

    b) Step2- Approve the Demand Plan. The measure is 'Approved Final Shipment Forecast'

    c)Step3- Rerun the same S&OP Plan this time run ONLY the 'Supply Plan'.  Approve the Supply Plan. Here the measure will be 'Approved Consensus Forecast'


    1 ) Will the Supply Plan system take the 'Approved Final Shipment History' for the supply plan or 'Final Shipment History'?  I believe it takes the 'Approved Final Shipment History' as input for the Supply Plan run. 

    Can someone please confirm. Thanks






    • Ramesh Choudhary


      1 ) Will the Supply Plan system take the 'Approved Final Shipment History' for the supply plan or 'Final Shipment History'?  I believe it takes the 'Approved Final Shipment History' as input for the Supply Plan run. 

      Answer: Supply Plan will always take 'FORECSAT' measure as input and not 'HISTORY'. So it will take 'FINAL SHIPMENTS FORECAST' and not 'FINAL SHIPMENTS HISTORY'. Same for Bookings.

    • Cherry Bruns

      In an integrated demand and supply plan, it's the Final Shipments Forecast measure. Starting with release 19B if you are using a demand plan for the demand schedule in a supply plan, you can use custom measures as input into the supply plan. You just need to create the measure in the DM or S&OP work areas, assign the measure to the "End Item Demand" measure group and you will be able to select your custom measure for the End Item Demand Measure in the supply plan.

      Regards, Cherry

      • aqil shaik

        Thanks for the response Cherry.

        1) What is the recommended measure we copy from Supply Plan (Planning Central) to S&OP Plan?

        Is the PAB the recommended Measure as we are just taking the Unconstrained Forecast from Demand Management and netting with the Supplies.  I believe the recommended approach is to update in S&OP plan for the stake holders. 

        2) S&OP also does the PAB calculations--so is there any benefit of doing the PAB calculations in Planning Central. Can we Copy  the Final Shipment forecast from Demand Management to S&OP and run just the Supply Plan without data refresh.


        • Kevin Elder

          1. If you plan to load measures from Planning Central then here is a short-list of candidates:  Constrained Forecast, Production Plan, On Hand, PAB. PAB simply provides the inventory levels as planned in the tactical plan. If you are considering a PC to S&OP flow then setting Product Planning Level = Category in your S&OP plan options is advised.

          2. If you are tactical planning in Planning Central then PAB provides detailed (day) level values whereas S&OP data is at aggregated (month) levels. The question is whether your customer needs to plan tactically. If so then a Planning Central plan (or Supply Planning) is the way to proceed and plan output is at a detailed, order level.

          To initiate the process, you need to run a S&OP plan with data refresh and include the Forecast Shipments profile to ensure the demand combinations are populated in the aggregate plan. Then if you use Load Measures to copy the latest Final Shipments Forecast from DM then you will be able to run the S&OP aggregate supply plan without data refresh.

      • Rakesh Kumar

        Thanks for this information about "End Item Demand" measure group.