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    Dennis Oliver
    Mass Update Project Manager
    Topic posted November 15, 2019 by Dennis OliverGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Project Costing, Public Sector 
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    Mass Update Project Manager
    I need to update project manager on hundreds of projects, can the project import spreadsheet be used for this?

    I need to update project manager on hundreds of projects as the project manager assigned to the project has left the business, can the project import spreadsheet be used for this or is it just used to create new projects?




      • Dennis Oliver

        Unfortunately the requirements for the API seem to suggest that it can only amend resources one project at a time which is OK when multiple resources are being updated on one project but of little use when one resource is being updated on hundreds of projects. 

        • Meredith Bickell

          We use a REST API software tool to load from a spreadsheet and we update in mass.

          • Dennis Oliver

            Hi Meredith,

            Thanks for replying again. Do you have any details of the process that you can share? Does this process use the project import template provided by Oracle or have you created your own process?

            • Glen Ryen

              Hi Dennis,

              ReadyAPI may be the software that Meredith is referring to, it's a very common tool in API development and testing.  I've used that quite a bit for looping through an Excel source data file and calling Oracle APIs with that data.  There's also Postman with the Collection Runner feature, looping through CSV or JSON data.


              Both require some technical understanding of REST API calls, though, so not something you'd want to expose to your end users (at least not directly).  That help?


              • Dennis Oliver

                Thanks Glen, I'm not very technical so doesn't mean much to me but I will get our support team to have a look and see if either of these options will help us. Appreciate your help

    • Dave McKenna

      There is an idea logged for this already quite a few folk want it would be good if you could upvote it

      Idea Number: de97f6545d


    • Dennis Oliver

      We created a solution for this using the REST API and OACS

      Basically the business provides a spreadsheet with details of project name, name of people to be replaced, name of person to replace them etc. This file is loaded into and used by OACS as criteria for a query that returns the required Project ID, Person ID's etc. for the REST API. Output from OACS is exported as a CSV in the required API format and this is loaded to make the changes.

      Thanks to those that pointed me to the REST API, some additional thinking about OACS has delivered a reusable solution