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    Jennifer Bruce
    OTBI Analysis merging columns when exporting to Excel 2010
    Topic posted December 1, 2017 by Jennifer BruceBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Fusion Financial reporting, OTBI, Public Sector, Reports 
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    OTBI Analysis merging columns when exporting to Excel 2010
    OTBI has starting merging columns since R12 upgrade



    Hopefully someone can help - since our recent R12 patch was applied, a number of our custom OTBI reports have started to contain merged cells when we export them to Excel.  This tends to be for fields where the data contained within it is longer than normal (although not exceptionally long - for example an email address). 


    Prior to the patch, columns A and B in the below image were one column when exported to Excel.  Now the cells are merging over 2 columns, which means that users have to highlight the two columns, unmerge and then delete the unwanted column.


    Has anyone else come across this issue, and have you been able to resolve it (I have found articles covering a similar issue with BIP on MoS, but that solution didn't seem to work)?


    Thanks in advance for any help





    • Jon Hayes

      Hi Jenny,

      We have the same problem. I've been meaning to raise an SR about it, but havn't got round to it yet!

      As a temporary measure; we've removed the title (and subtitle) from our reports and this seems to have stopped the first 2 or 3 columns merging.

      Kind Regards,


    • Animesh Agrawal



      There might be a way.


      go to BI --> Administration --> BI Publisher area --> Manage BI Publisher --> under runtime configuration --> Properties --> Excel 2007 output Area --> check keep values in same columns options save logout login and recheck if it solves.


      Kind Regards,