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    sarah wright
    Linking to an anchor within another answer/article
    Topic posted November 20, 2018 by sarah wright, tagged Discussion Forums, Help Center 
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    Linking to an anchor within another answer/article
    I'm linking to a specific anchor in another article, yet it won't work and takes me to the main article rather than the specific section.

    Hi All,


    Just finding my feet with all of this. 

    I want to link to a specific (already anchored) section of one answer/article, from another. This is what i've got:


    This is the record where im coming from..

     <a href="******" id="three" target="_blank">here</a>


    This is where I want to go to, which is on another answer in our Knowledgebase:

    <a id="three" name="three">three</a>


    I've got it as a URL hyperlink, opening in a new window. 

    Is there something i'm doing wrong?

    many thanks








    • Hemal Kapasi

      Hi Sarah,

      This is a basic HTML syntax where you need to add the anchor with a # at the end of the URL. You don't need to add the "/" prior to the anchor

      So it should be something like
      <a href="******" id="three" target="_blank">here</a>