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    david fulton
    Considerations for the "Powered by RightNow" logo...
    Topic posted October 13, 2008 by david fultonBronze Trophy: 5,000+ Points, last edited November 17, 2011 
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    Considerations for the "Powered by RightNow" logo - Best Practices
    Think twice before removing the 'Powered by RightNow' logo from your pages! Its easy to remove this widget from your pages (as it is part of the standard template and that can easily be removed), but part of our Standard Master Service Agreement is that our logo is displayed on any RightNow web-page. There are occasional changes to that legal stipulation, negotiated by both sets of lawyers on contract signing, but if you aren't sure that your company has that stipulation, a) check with your lawyers/contract first and b) when in doubt, ensure that the logo is visible on each RightNow page in production!



    • Stephen Calhoun

      Having the logo on the page is fine.  Having it an active link on our site is confusing to our customer since at the top of each of OUR customer portals, we state "Powered by *ourCompany*".  Is there any legal issue with disabling the logo from being an active button?