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    Pankaj Mongia
    Constrained Supply Planning
    Topic posted November 17, 2019 by Pankaj Mongia, last edited November 19, 2019, tagged Planning Central Cloud, Supply Planning Cloud 
    Constrained Supply Planning
    Watch these videos to learn how to set up and run constrained plans as well as understand the output of constrained plans.
    1. Introduction to Constrained Planning: Learn about the key objectives of constrained planning, hard and soft constraints of constrained planning, and how to maximize demand satisfaction and minimize overloads.
    2. Constrained Planning Concepts Part ILearn about lead time calculations, order sizing, capacity consumption, and demand prioritization.
    3. Constrained Planning Concepts Part IILearn about safety stock planning, bottleneck resource planning, planning for simultaneous resources, supplier capacity constraints, and turning off creation of new planned orders.
    4. Selection of AlternatesLearn how to use alternate resources, substitute components, alternate work definitions and item structures,  alternate sources, and alternate suppliers.
    5. Creating and Running a Constrained PlanLearn how to set up plan options and run a constrained plan.
    6. Analyzing Constrained Plans Part ILearn about seeded exception messages as well as how to use calculated order attributes and recalculate plan output.
    7. Analyzing Constrained Plans Part IILearn how to use build plan and gantt chart to understand plan output.