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    PravinKumar Munnaluri
    How to resend PO approvals email notification to Current...
    Topic posted October 9, 2018 by PravinKumar MunnaluriRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Approvals, Approvals/Notification 
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    How to resend PO approvals email notification to Current approver
    How to resend PO approvals email notification to Current approver

    Hi All,

    How to regenerate/ retry PO approvals email notification to Current approver .

    In Ebiz we can resend email approval notification using work retry functionality .





    Email approvals



    • Sunny Todkari

      Currently, there is no way that users can resend an approval notification to the approver.

      Bug 27805336  : RESEND APPROVAL EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS - This is rejected so will not be worked upon.
      How to Resend an Approval Notification to the Approver? (Doc ID 2397630.1)

    • Arabinda Chakraborty

      You can configure reminder option using the BPM by going to Notification Tab and enabling the reminder. 

    • Neelam Thakur

      Buyer can withdraw and resubmit if it must be resent.

    • Balakrishna Chaturvedula

      I am not sure why such a basic need was turned down. Cloud should give more benefits but not take away what we had in EBS. Here is my opinion on workarounds:


      1) Ask the approver to take approval action from the Worklist application. 

      We have trained all our executives to approve documents on email. That is the most convenient way and has been the primary mode of approval for us. I cannot ask them to login to Oracle all the time for approvals. I am not complaining that logging into Oracle is hard but the only handy thing is the email in inbox and how many ever times we do not hear "Can you send that email to me again"?

      2) The requester will have to withdraw the request, then resubmit and it will have to go through all of the approvers again

      This is just not an option. Let us say if one person in the chain of 10 people is having issues, we cannot ask the users to go through all 9 again.

      3) It should be possible to configure reminder notification.

      We do use this functionality and still feel the need of resending emails, especially when people are out on travel, vacation etc...

      Regards, Bala.

    • Alan

      The fact that we can't manually re-trigger a PR or Invoice for approval is such a basic functionality, that not having this will just cause more delays upon delays. To echo what Balakrishna is saying, executives and C-Level will NEVER login to Oracle, they simply do not have the time to and will only approve via Email on their phones or mobile devices.

      Does Oracle truly think that asking the requester to withdraw and resubmit is a viable option...

      • Renan Robles

        I agree with you and  Balakrishna  100%. Our executives do not have the time to log into Fusion to look for contracts and PRs to approve. There should be a way for us to send them an email again.

        I do not know why Oracle does not take this up to implement. I am not happy with so many easy and basic functionalities that Oracle does not support. I wish I knew how to escalate.