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    Julian Mesa
    Context Integration with Oracle Sales CloudAnswered
    Topic posted September 5, 2017 by Julian Mesa, last edited September 5, 2017 
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    Context Integration with Oracle Sales Cloud


    I have followed the guide on http://docs.oracle.com/cloud/latest/salescs_gs/OASAL/OASAL1451852.htm#OASAL2432603 and the connection is working ok. 

    The problem is when i load the interview from sales cloud from a tab in an opportunity with the following code.


    The id is properly set in the inverview url but the object is not being loaded to the interview when the interview starts.



    Code Snippet:

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    Danette Beal

    Hi Julian,

    After discussing with the internal OPA experts, they suggested the following:


    It seems that the initID was used instead of the standard SurveyCaseId.

    def myfinalURL = "https://postobon-opa.rightnowdemo.com/web-determinations/startsession/Cotizador?SurveyCaseId="

    def myURL1 = OptyId != null ? OptyId : ''

    myfinalURL += myURL1 return(myfinalURL)

    Please try that and see if it’ll load your interview correctly.


    Danette, Community Manager