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    Sarah Smart
    Emerging Tech and the Oracle User Experience
    Announcement posted May 18, 2015 by Sarah SmartSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged Engagement Cloud, Financials, Fusion, Global HR, HCM, OAUX, PPM, Procurement, SCM, UX 
    Emerging Tech and the Oracle User Experience

    Get your monthly dose of emerging technology excitement with several posts on what we’re doing next.


    WEARABLES WHITEPAPER: Gurbinder Bali from the JD Edwards team offers up a whitepaper on wearables here. Wearables, especially smartwatches, are unobtrusive and glanceable to an unparalleled extent, provide even greater point-of-use access than mobile devices while liberating the user’s hands, requiring low overhead, and giving the user the power to decide which alerts need immediate attention.

    SENSING THE FUTURE: There are many innovative ideas about how to use wearables to improve customers’ lives, both at work and in other areas. And many of these products are just hitting the market, such as Lesia Trubat’s Electronic Traces (pictured below), which adds a new dimension to dance by transforming the pressure coming from a dancer’s ballet shoes into visuals that can be viewed on a mobile app. Check out what else is new in this article in Oracle’s Profit magazine.

    WINDOWS DEVICES: Finally, if you’re wondering, “Where are the mobile Windows devices?” check out this post on the Usable Apps blog. The team developed a few apps for these devices, and the post details how that went.