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    Jason Bridgeman
    VPN to Azure
    Topic posted June 14, 2019 by Jason Bridgeman, tagged Compute 
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    VPN to Azure
    I need OCI to talk to Azure

    I have a small infrastructure in Azure and a large one in OCI.

    I would like to get a site to site IPSec connection going so the two can communicate.

    I have tried to create a connection from the DRG to Azure's VNG. OCI shows down and Azure's status is connecting.

    Has anyone been successful in doing this?


    -Thanks for any help!



    • Kumar Dhanagopal

      Could you try the solution provided in this doc? The doc shows AWS as an example. I'm guessing that a similar setup would work for Azure.

      • Jason Bridgeman

        I am in the process of setting up LibreSwan.

        I haven't setup one before so there is a learning curve.

        I just wasn't sure if we could change the DRG settings to talk to Azure and see if anyone else had gotten it to work.