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    Stephanie Burghardt
    Excel report is grey and no data is visible
    Topic posted November 13, 2019 by Stephanie Burghardt, tagged BI Publisher, BI Publisher Report Templates 
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    Excel report is grey and no data is visible
    When generating an Excel with BI Publisher the file is grey and no data is visible.

    After generating an Excel file with the BI Publisher the sheet is grey and the data is not visible. But the data is there and can be seen in the small field in the header. After saving and reopening the file the sheet looks normal.

    What is wrong here?

    Oracle BI Publisher (build:20160526.2332)



    • Noelle Bartlam


      A couple of additional questions:

      1)  How are you generating the output?  Meaning, is this an export of a report viewed online, an output of a scheduled job, etc.

      2) What version of excel are you using?




      • Stephanie Burghardt
        Hi Noelle,
        1.) The report is generated in an application using the BI Publisher as an interface.
        2.) The Excel version which is used is the 14.0.7237.5000 (32 bit).
    • Fernando Ponte


      Does this started happening after and update in the report or started happening with no changes applied? It can be the Report Template got "corrupted" in some way or a formatting was changed?

      Are you able to create a new Report template on the same report (not duplicate the current one) and check the export again?



    • Rajasekhar Bandaru


      1.Are you able to view data properly while Editing Datamodel-->Click on Data tab

      2. Can you please download sample data xml and upload to the Template using BI Template Builder and check.