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    Sarah Munro
    How can I find all reports using the same BI Publisher Data...
    Topic posted November 14, 2019 by Sarah MunroBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged BI Publisher, BI Publisher Data Models, Public Sector 
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    How can I find all reports using the same BI Publisher Data Model
    I need to be able to identify all the reports that are using a Data Model before I make changes to the DM.

    Bi Publisher Data Model has been created, I now need to know all the reports that are using this DM. Is this possible?

    Oracle BI EE



    • nathan morgan (at Client)


      OBI has a web service to manage the catalog.


      In the bi desktop client tool is a catalog manager that uses the web services to report on dependencies between objects.

      Oracle have used this tool to extract a list of objects into a spreadsheet including the paths to the components.

      This is published in the help as sheet "data lineage". 

      For example in financials you have "Review data lineage"

      which has the following sheet

      This may help you answer your question.

      I assume you can unarchive the catalog to a local copy of obi on your laptop then use the catalog manager to read from the catalog offline?



    • Aman Jain

      Hello Sarah,

      OBI presentation catalog related information can be easily exported to a flat-file using Catalog Manager (which comes along with the OBI Admin tool).

      Below is the oracle documentation you can refer:

      Hope this helps!

      Best Regards,

      Aman Jain

    • Veronica Dumitriu

      Hi Sarah,

      Currently, this functionality is not available in OTBI or BIP for Fusion. We're working on creating a BI catalog metadata export utility for SaaS and we can include BIP metadata analysis in the requirement (I assume this is what you are interested in since you mentioned the Data Models) and we'll incorporate it into future releases of the product.

      I hope this helps.



      • Sarah Munro


        Thanks for this. Yes, I want to be able to see all reports created using the same data model so I can understand the impact of making changes to a data model.