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    Shyam Singh Patel
    Create Direct Database Query Option Re-Enable in 19AAnswered
    Topic posted February 5, 2019 by Shyam Singh PatelGold Trophy: 10,000+ Points, last edited February 16, 2019, tagged Financials, HCM, Other, Procurement, Project Portfolio Management, Public Sector, Sales, SCM, Security, Tip 
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    Create Direct Database Query Option Re-Enable in 19A
    Create Direct Database Query Option Re-Enable in 19A

    Hi All,

    we recently upgraded to 19A and no more able to see Create Direct Database Query Option. it this removed and Moved to other Place?




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    Gail Langendorf

    Did you see this yesterday?



    • Suresh Kumarasamy

      It happen for us, but after 3days enabled back. now we are in 19A but direct sql is available for us.

      • Ujas Bhatt

        when you say enabled back ... How did you enabled it?

        • Suresh Kumarasamy

          We haven't done anything, when we try after 3days, it was available. we also raised SR with oracle and they confirmed that this option is removed from release 19A onwards, but not sure how its available for us.

      • Amarnath Govindu

        Hi All,

        Go to Catalog Administration --> Manage Privileges --> Edit Direct Database Analysis--> Permission: change it to Grant

                                                                                  --> Execute Direct Database Analysis -> Permission: change it to Grant



    • Gail Langendorf

      Did you see this yesterday?

    • Shyam Singh Patel

      after 19A upgrade I figured out this issue option and Now I'm able to re-access it 
      Tools>Reports and Analytics>Administration>Manage Privileges> Search " Edit Direct Database Analysis " update the role/User Grant and Search " Execute Direct Database Analysis " and update the Role/User Grant   log out and log in back you can see that menu again


      In Fusion Applications Update 19A, the Direct Database Query capability for writing reports using BI Answers will be disabled by default.  Oracle recommends users only write reports against the OTBI subject areas, and will remove the unsupported Direct Database Query capability in 12 months.  Therefore, Oracle strongly suggests migrating the report writing process to the OTBI subject areas.

      If your organization currently uses Direct Database Query, you may re-enable this option for a 12-month grace period.