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    Daniel Klinger
    Neat stuff - are there plans for content on Taleo Learn
    Topic posted July 6, 2018 by Daniel KlingerGold Crown: 30,000+ Points, tagged HCM Cloud Training 
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    Neat stuff - are there plans for content on Taleo Learn
    Just taking an initial spin and me likey

    I am starting to take the HR Learning Path. Going nice and I love the short pops of content. I am already starting to get acquainted with Learning. (Sorry I didn't name these things).

    Just curious if there will be content on Oracle Taleo Learn Cloud.



    • Lois Houston

      Hi, Daniel, Thanks for the feedback! We're glad that you like the format and content. We'll be posting additional products (such as Taleo) later this month. Stay tuned.


    • Steve Hansen

      Lois, I've not seen anything new posted for Taleo.  Perhaps I'm overlooking it, but if not is something going to be posted before the end of the year?

      • Kristine Kukich

        Steve - I'm working on some updated content as we speak in hopes of getting it loaded up before the end of the year.