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    Joseph Ledva
    Cloud Customer Connect vs. Oracle Community
    Topic posted September 6, 2018 by Joseph LedvaRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Discussion Forums 
    Cloud Customer Connect vs. Oracle Community
    What is the difference between the two


    I am new to Oracle and am a bit confused with all of the portal/community options.

    What is the difference between Oracle Cloud Customer Connect & Oracle Community. They both appear to be forums in which someone asks questions about their particular instance. I am interested in Logfire/Warehouse Management,  I found 2 places in which this topic is discussed

    1- OCCC Warehouse management forum (

    2- Oracle Supply Chain Management Community (

    Unless I am reading this incorrectly, neither of these forums seems to have the volume of posts and users that I expected. #1 - 21 posts, #2  -176 posts. Which is the preferred forum to post questions to?  Does anyone know of any other active Oracle WMS/Logfire forums, outside of Oracle portal?

    Thanks in advance.