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    Ling Xiang
    R13.19A OTBI Direct Database Query Privilege Change
    Topic posted February 6, 2019 by Ling XiangGold Trophy: 10,000+ Points, last edited February 19, 2019, tagged OBIEE Answers, OTBI, Reporting and Analytics 
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    R13.19A OTBI Direct Database Query Privilege Change
    In R13.19A OTBI direct database query has been disabled by default. To prevent reports generating system errors, BI Administrator can modify BI privileges to revert this change.

    What is the Change?

    Prior to R13.19A, BI Administrator has the privilege to create and run Direct Database Query in BI Answers.  In R13.19A, this feature has been disabled by default.  Specifically, two privileges that control direct database query access, namely ‘Edit Direct Database Analysis’ and ‘Execute Direct Database Analysis’,  have been denied for authenticated users. 

    Reports created with ‘Direct Database Query’ option prior to R13.19A will receive a system error when executed in R13.19A.  To prevent the system error, customers can revert the R13.19A privilege changes by granting BI Administrator privilege to both ‘Edit Direct Database Analysis and ‘Execute Direct Database Analysis’.  

    Please note: This change does not affect BI Publisher SQL reports created with BI Publisher Data Model or BI Answers reports created with Logical SQL.

    How to revert the change?

    BI Administrator can modify direct database analysis privileges in BI Administration -> Manage Privileges page.  To grant BI Administrator access to direct database query, customers can remove ‘Authenticated User’ that has ‘Denied’ permission from the seeded privileges and add a new role of ‘BI Administrator Role’ with ‘Granted’ permission. 

    Repeat the same step to grant ‘BI Administrator Role’ to ‘Execute Direct Database Analysis’ privilege.  

    Future Product Direction

    Direct database query is not a supported OTBI feature for building reports.  Customers are encouraged to use BI Answers to create interactive analyses, use BI Publisher for fixed-format reports and use BI Cloud Connector (BICC) for data extraction.  If customers have created OTBI reports with Direct Database Query option, Oracle development strongly recommends migrating those reports to use OTBI subject areas as Direct Database Query will be deprecated in OTBI in 12 months. 

    Please refer to attached document for more detailed information.  If you have further questions, please contact Oracle Support.



    • Lakshaman Singh Parihar

      This has been a powerful feature letting us pull and analyze any cloud data. We strongly hope that for the sake of continuity all the data is exposed as subject areas before this feature is deprecated. For example, in SQM we were able to build an auto calculating analysis by hitting the individual tables as the corresponding tables were not accessible via subject areas.

    • Wim Bos

      Does this mean that creation of a 'Data Model' as well using it as data source for reports will no longer work in 12 months from now?

      • Ling Xiang

        No, this doesn't affect BI Publisher reports.  You can continue to create a SQL data model with BI Publisher.  Creating a BI Answers report with 'Direct Database Query' option is different from BI Publisher.  It is BI Answers 'Direct Database Query' option that will be deprecated in 12 months.

    • Cecilia Ratto

      Ling Xiang,

      Thanks for clarifiying that this will not affect BI Publisher. 

      We have lots of custom reports developed in BI Publisher and it would be a huge problem. 

      Do you know if SQL's in BI Publisher will be affected by this politic in the near future? 



    • Prem Lakshmanan

      The information in this thread is related to Release 19A. Please continue this conversation on this thread which is more current (related to Release 19D):


      Prem Lakshmanan

      Oracle Support