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    Kevin Elder
    Use REST services to copy and disaggregate Constrained...
    Topic posted May 9, 2019 by Kevin ElderBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, last edited May 9, 2019, tagged Demand Management Cloud, How-to, Integrated Business Planning, Sales & Operations Planning Cloud, White Paper 
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    Use REST services to copy and disaggregate Constrained Forecast from Oracle Sales and Operations Planning Cloud to Demand Management Cloud
    REST services are now available to copy and paste data between plans

    This document provides some details on using REST services to publish (GET) Constrained Forecast measure data from a Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) Cloud plan table at an aggregate level and update (POST) this data in a Demand Management (DM) Cloud plan table for disaggregation using another measure as the basis.



    • Venkatesh Periketi

      Hi Kevin,

      Firstly I would like to know in which release it is available.

      Secondly, can I use this REST services to automate "Load Measure from Other Plans" manual task available in SOP.

      Please confirm.





      • Kevin Elder

        Available in 18C. Refer to Release Readiness for the feature named Update Planning Table Data Using a REST Service (update 18C). This was shown within Supply Planning but applies to SCP Cloud.

        Currently, you cannot use REST to automate Load Measures from Other Plans. At least one ER has been logged for the capability to automate this flow. We are reviewing how and when we could include on our roadmap.

    • drathi

      Hi Kevin, 

      What are the Oracle recommended Rest Tools and is there a security / SSL Certificate or any other things we need to go through while posting this data directly into planning data tables.

      This functionality is only for copying and pasting data in between plans or can we also upload data to custom measures as long as they match the formatting. In short, Can I used it for updating custom overridden text / numeric data overnight without having to re-run the demand plan. We have some application where we need to update on-hand and other quantities as such in custom measures, which is not coming from another plan, but coming from an external system, but FBDI needs the plans to be refreshed.

      Client does not want to be refreshing plans overnight, since this might hinder performance and the forecast (may or may not affect forecast)/

      Please let us know if that's possible.

      Also any recommended upload steps will be appreciated. I am currently unable to do so through REST using CURL.

      We are on 19B





      • Kevin Elder

        Refer to the following for some guidelines on tools:  REST API client

        The user security credentials you use for GET should be sufficient for POST. POST into planning tables works much the same as entering values directly into an editable measure in the table. I'm assuming with your user id and password you could login in the UI and modify the editable measure in the same plan and planning table as specified in the REST command.

        You can POST to user-defined measure(s) in a plan but the caveat is the measure(s) must be editable. Measure value updates via FBDI upload requires at least 'partial' plan refresh. However, there is no restriction that the measure must be editable for FBDI upload. As mentioned above, POST to planning tables is like entering the values directly for an editable measure in a table and saving the edits. There is no need to re-run the plan in order to refresh as you would with FBDI.

        I am reviewing your other post. It might take some time to debug.