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    jaini ramanjaneyulu
    Does not able to select multiple lines in PO detail during...
    Topic posted April 29, 2019 by jaini ramanjaneyulu, tagged Fusion 
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    Does not able to select multiple lines in PO detail during creation of cancel PO
    Our PO has several multiple line items in details we have very huge lines present, buyer should select more than 5 system not allowing to selectt

    Hi Team,

    We have an requirement where the buyer should select Multiple  lines and cancel those lines. currently system is not allowed to select multiple and allowed only one by one line.


    Suppose we have 30 lines, want to select 15 lines buyer struggle to cancel  all selected lines.



































































    19 A oracle fusion
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    • Sunil

      Hi Jaini,

      If you're cancelling a Line for a Purchase Order, the system will create a Change Order and needs to be submitted. No.of lines to be cancelled so many change orders.


      1)Buyer can first create a Change Order (Action -> Edit) then select each line cancel from actions.

      2)Users will have to enter comments for each line.

      3) One can cancel no.of lines in a single Change Order and submit the changes.

      Thank you,