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    Stefan Orac
    Inherited custom properties can't be copied
    Topic posted July 30, 2018 by Stefan OracBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Content Management 
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    Inherited custom properties can't be copied

    The goal ist to build up a folder hierarchy (incl. the defined custom properties) within the documents space. After having a dummy element defined and assigning the right “custom properties” elements to the appropriate level (important because of inheritance), this dummy element would serve after renaming as basis for all future elements.

    Unfortunately, after copying it, it seems, that only a couple of custom properties were taken over properly while the others are simply listed above the “Custom Properties at other levels” line, instead of belonging to the right level and fulfilling their inheritance goals.

    Is there anything we have to fix in order to achive our goals?




    • Marc Houle

      The reason for the indication of "Custom Properties at Other Levels", is so that the user knows that these values were inherited/defined from a folder structure higher than the one they are in now. The inheritance should still work at each level; each level can change the defaults of those custom properties so that lower levels inherit the different values.

      As an example, I can have the following tree

      • Folder 1 - Custom Property: Country=US
        • Folder 2.1 - Customer Property at Other Level: Country=US (inherited)
          • Level 3.2.1 - Country = US (inherited)
        • Folder 2.2 - Customer Property at Other Level: Country=Canada (changed)
          • Level 3.2.2 - Country = Canada (inherited from Level 2.2)

      I'm not sure if that makes sense, or if it answers your question. If you can give a more visual representation of what you're trying to accomplish, we may be able to describe a better approach or answer your question more accurately.