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    Radhika Ghosh
    Conditional Mapping through FDMEE
    Topic posted September 20, 2019 by Radhika Ghosh, tagged Automation, Data Integration 
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    Conditional Mapping through FDMEE
    Automation of grouping of credits into liability and debits in Assets

    We generally records journal entries to regroup the negative numbers coming into Assets to Liability eg Deferred Tax Assets. If it has a credit balance we show as Deferred Tax Liability and if debit we present as Deferred Tax Assets.

    Is it possible to automate this through FDMEE or any other Process in FCCS so that this re grouping is not required to be manually done and can be automated?




    • Alok Jha


      Logic group feature of data management can help to automate netting off logic( DTA , DTL) . 



    • Wayne Paffhausen

      Hello Radhika,

      Yes you can conditionally map based on the amount.  If the record is a credit you can map it a specific way, if it is a debit you can map it another way.  This is done via the #SQL mapping logic.

      Thank you,