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    Import AP invoices from third party system(Saas...
    Topic posted February 20, 2019 by VENKATA AREPALLIBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged Payables 
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    Import AP invoices from third party system(Saas Model)


    We r trying to implement oracle fusion saas model and would like to import invoices from third party system on daily basis. As we know, SASS model doesn't support customization. In this case, how can import invoices without manual intervention.

    Currently we r importing invoices using Standard Spreadsheet (Create invoices from Spreadsheet). It's time consuming process to do this task.

    Thanks in advance.





    • Suresh Kumarasamy

      You can try below WSDL to insert invoice to AP Interface table from outside system without making customization in Cloud. But this need some other system to build java program and run the webservice to insert to fusion cloud.


      Service WSDL URL: https://servername/fscmService/InvoiceInterfaceService?WSDL

    • Becky Alvarez

      I don't understand why your Implementation team did not address this with you.  We also discuss this in the AP User Guide. We have many customers doing this successfully and seamlessly.

      We have 3 different ways to import invoices into AP other than B2B:

      • FBDI
      • REST API
      • SOAP Web Services

      To automate the whole import process, you can use the ERP Integration Service which is a SOAP webs service if needed to pick up the data, import it, load it into UCM, import into AP so it is ready to process by the AP team. I recommend you review the Oracle Financials Cloud Documentation click on Books link at the bottom left and scroll down to the Development section for more information on these different tools for importing invoices.  If you need additional assistance contact your ASM for a recommended partner or your CSM.

    • s sarpal

      We imported invoices from third party using the erpintergrationservices via Mule.

      The invoices were imported automatically into Fusion Payables in an approved status.

    • Mohan Gundepudi

      We have used :

      • SOAP Web Services to interface invoices from a third party system. Invoices flow in from 3rd party system in a zip file. Web services integration pulls the zip file and transfers it to UCM. Import Invoices standard ESS job imports the invoices from Interface into Cloud.