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    Stan Tanev
    Tracking Project Task Changes
    Topic posted July 16, 2018 by Stan Tanev 
    Tracking Project Task Changes
    Requirement to track changes to Project Tasks

    Hi Team,

    We have a non-Oracle Time and Attendance system which needs to be integrated with ERP Cloud. ERP Cloud is the source for all projects. Project and task information is required in the non-Oracle Time and Attendance system so people can record their time against projects/tasks.


    We have a requirement to interface to the Time and Attendance system on a regular basis. We need to track and send the following changes at a task level:

    - Task Created

    - Task Deleted

    - Task Updated (Task No, Name, start date , end date, chargeable flag changed)

    IN R13 we have introduced business events to track a Project creation or status change but nothing for tasks.

    We have explored extracts with BI Publisher but they can not track task deletions or provide prior values when the task number is changed so we can update the appropriate record in the downstream system.

    How can we meet the above requirement?