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    Hussain Shaik
    "Supplier - Supplier Real Time"."-...
    Topic posted October 11, 2019 by Hussain Shaik, tagged Fusion Financial reporting, OTBI, Reports 
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    "Supplier - Supplier Real Time"."- General"."Alternate Site Name" with Error: 14025
    While developing an OTBI Report using two Subject Areas ( "Payables Invoices - Transactions Real Time" and "Supplier - Supplier Real Time"), "Supplier - Supplier Real Time"."- General"."Alternate Site

    When I create a OTBI Report with only "Supplier - Supplier Real Time", it works fine and generates the results.

    when I am creating OTBI report with below two subject areas
    1) "Payables Invoices - Transactions Real Time"
    2) "Supplier - Supplier Real Time"

    and use few columns as provided in "OTBI Report Query.txt", it works fine till for the rest of the columns from "Supplier - Supplier Real Time" except "Supplier - Supplier Real Time"."- General"."Alternate Site Name".

    If the report is developed with out all conditions then any column from "Supplier - Supplier Real Time" should fail, but it is not the case here.

    below columns are added and report generates fine.

    "Supplier - Supplier Real Time"."- Income Tax"."Federal Reportable" s_24,
    "Supplier - Supplier Real Time"."- Income Tax"."Supplier Income Tax type" s_25,
    "Supplier - Supplier Real Time"."- Income Tax"."Tax Payer ID" s_26,
    "Supplier - Supplier Real Time"."- Supplier Profile"."Alternate Name" s_27,
    "Supplier - Supplier Real Time"."- Supplier Profile"."Supplier Type" s_28,
    "Supplier - Supplier Real Time"."- Supplier Site Details"."Supplier Account State" s_29,
    DESCRIPTOR_IDOF("Supplier - Supplier Real Time"."- Supplier Profile"."Supplier Type") s_31,

    The error comes only for "Supplier - Supplier Real Time"."- General"."Alternate Site Name".

    Request you to please review and provide the way forward, as this is important for generating my OTBI report.





    • Arun Raj
      I believe Payables Invoices - Transactions Real Time SA has supplier details. Not sure if it has all the details you are looking for. However, that's what I will look at before joining to another subject area. If you have already checked it then plz ignore this message.
      • Hussain Shaik

        Hi Arun,

        I checked with in Payables Invoices - Transactions Real Time and supplier site is avaliable, but unfortunately Supplier Site Alternative site Name is not avalaible, hence we were forced to link it with "Supplier - Supplier Real Time"


    • Veronica Dumitriu

      This has been fixed in the upcoming release 20A and also in 19D PB11.

      I hope this helps.