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    Matthew Gregory
    Jurisdiction Dimension
    Topic posted March 4, 2019 by Matthew GregoryRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Administration, Tax Provision, Tip 
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    Jurisdiction Dimension
    Adding Parent Member for All Foreign members


    Our client is requesting to have a Parent member for all of the Foreign Jurisdictions to easily see the total foreign numbers. I first tried creating a shared hierarchy outside of the "TRCS_Total Jurisdiction" member. This seemed to work, however we were receiving some system issues so I decided to try a different option. I then deleted the shared members and created the Hierarchy in the picture attached. However upon doing this it deleted all of my domicile attributes from my entities. When I try to re-add the domiciles, it will only give me the option of "US" or "All Foreign" and not the children members underneath foreign. Any suggestions or comments would be appreaciated?




    • Julien Coudrette

      Hi Matthew

      Looks like the system will only accept children of TRCS_AllNational for the domcile property.

      What were the system issues you were getting when your foreign hierarchy was outside TRCS_Total Jurisdiction?



    • Denitza Krasteva

      Julien is correct. Currently, the system only supports TRCS_AllNational. However, it will soon be enhanced to support Level0Descendents of TRCS_AllNational. You can monitor the What's New for updates. We would like to understand the system issues you experienced when the hierarchy was outside TRCS_Total Jurisdiction.