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    Candice Ricketts
    Account Period Close Error for PPM
    Topic posted October 8, 2019 by Candice RickettsRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Capital Projects, Project Billing & Revenue, Project Costing 
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    Account Period Close Error for PPM
    PJF_CAL_GL_ACCTD_ERR_PAY Error during PPM Close

    After running close process and running exceptions report the following errors appear and keeps us from closing. We have imported and processed all costs from AP and validated that they were pulled in. What else can I try? I have opened a SR but wondering if anyone else has seen these before. Support is often slow to reply.

    • PJF_CAL_GL_ACCTD_ERR_PAY The accounting period wasn't closed because the transaction is accounted in Oracle Payables in this period but isn't yet transferred and imported.
    • PJF_CAL_EVENT_REV_GEN Revenue isn't fully recognized for this completed revenue event.





    • Candice Ricketts

      Hi everyone.

      Wanted to provide an update:

      • The ERR_PAY error was encountered because there were payments made against future dated Exependitures.
      • We had to search for each project individually and pull in those costs before closing. The REV_GEN error was encountered because new transactions were created but the Generate Revenue process had not yet been run.