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    Camino Garcia-Vallaure
    Supplier with same VAT nr as customer
    Topic posted March 30, 2017 by Camino Garcia-Vallaure, tagged Supplier Creation 
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    Supplier with same VAT nr as customer

    We have tried to create a new supplier which has been created before as a customer. It was not possible to do it due to they identify the vat number for the customer.

    Can somebody explain how can we do it?

    Thanks in advance





    • Piyush Singh


      Yes, you can use supplier de-duplication feature to create a party relationship for the existing party/customer rather than creating a new party which is created when you directly create a supplier.

      The supplier de-duplication feature requires EDQ implementation and it functions by suggesting users for possible matches of the supplier being creaed against existing parties (based on configuration/setup). Users are then allowed to establish a supplier relationship with any matched/suggested party. Creation of a new relationship (supplier relationship) for the existing party ensures data sharing and therefore does not result in duplicate check. The process creates a supplier but in DB it is a new relationship for an existing party rather than creating a new party which happens when a supplier is directly created.

      You can refer to Supplier Data Quality Management TOI to implement this feature.

      Hope this helps.