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    Becky Peal
    Oracle Cloud (Fusion) Application Update Policy...
    Announcement posted November 9, 2016 by Becky PealBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged Engagement Cloud, Enterprise Planning, Financials, Fusion, General, Global HR, GRC, HCM, Marketing, PPM, Procurement, Release, SCM 
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    Oracle Cloud (Fusion) Application Update Policy Change Overview

    Overview of changes for the Oracle Cloud (Fusion) Application Update Policy which provides details on what is changing and what remains the same.


    Effective 1 November 2016, the frequency of the Oracle Cloud (Fusion) application update cycle is changing from monthly to quarterly. The revised update policy will provide the following benefits:

    • Significant reduction in downtime
    • Fewer testing and validation cycles required
    • More flexibility in scheduling environment refreshes

    To learn more about this specific policy change, please refer to the Update Policy.

    What is changing?

    • Mandatory Application Update frequency changes from monthly to quarterly
      • Quarterly Updates are mandatory and cannot be skipped or rescheduled.
      • The first quarterly update will be November 2016; the next quarterly update will be February 2017.
      • Monthly Updates will continue to be created each month. You will only be required to take them once a quarter in the months of February, May, August, and November.
    • Monthly updates are available upon request
      • You may need a critical update before next quarterly update. You can request a monthly update through the existing product Service Request logged for your issue.
      • You may want to receive the latest updates for implementation or newly released product each month, not related to a specific update. You can log a Service Request to request monthly update for one or more quarters.
      • Occasionally, Oracle may require that you receive mandatory statutory updates or other critical updates as part of a monthly update. Further communication will be sent as needed.
      • If you receive any update other than a quarterly update, you will be required to receive monthly updates for the rest of that quarter for all your environments.
      • Submit your request for monthly updates at least 11 days prior to the first Friday of the month in which you want to make a change. For example, November 21st is the deadline for the December 2016 monthly update.
        Note: Instructions for logging Service Requests can be found in the Update Policy.
    • Increased scheduling flexibility for Production to Test (P2T) environment refresh
      • The quarterly update blackout period is now only two weeks per quarter during the months of November, February, May, and August.
      • If you request monthly updates, blackouts will increase to two weeks every month.
        Note: Scheduling of an environment refresh still requires a minimum of three weeks in advance of the date requested, taking into account the blackout period. For impact to Fusion HCM and Taleo Recruiting Refresh blackout periods, please refer to Taleo Zone Refresh with Fusion HCM Environment Refresh.

    What remains the same?

    • All other maintenance scheduling remains the same
      • Infrastructure Updates are scheduled as needed and typically applied quarterly.
      • Vertex updates are applied monthly to Non-Production on the 18th and Production on the 25th.
    • Scheduled maintenance start times remain the same
      • Quarterly or Monthly updates are applied on the 1st weekend to Non-Production cadence environments and the 3rd weekend to production cadence environments based on region.
      • Reference Oracle Cloud Change Management Information for more information.
    • Release Upgrade Scheduling is not affected
    • Concurrent Maintenance coverage remains the same




    • Valeria Longoni


      Where can I see if the application update cycle for my CSI is monthly or quartely?  Maybe from "My Oracle Cloud Portal"?