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    Angie Ni
    Editing Notification Content Using Page Composer
    Topic posted August 30, 2019 by Angie NiSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged How-To, Tip 
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    Editing Notification Content Using Page Composer
    This post shares how to edit notification content using page composer.

    There is a step by step post on how to use User Interface Text to replace a string on the UI page and tips on using interface text.

    There is another way to edit the notification content by using page composer. With page composer, you can remove the tokens from the content, which is a limitation from using interface text instead.

    This is a step-wise guide to edit the notification content using page composer.

    To edit the notification content using page composer, you must have Procurement Application Administrator (ORA_PO_PROCUREMENT_APPLICATION_ADMIN_JOB) job role. Once you login the application as Procurement Application Administrator, you need to create a new sandbox.

    1. Create and enter a sandbox.

    Make sure that the sandbox is an active one. If you see the new Sandbox user interface, make sure that Page Composer is marked as Active before you enter the sandbox.



    2. Go to BPM work list and search for the notification you want to edit.

    When you have the Procurement Application Administrator role, you can search for all the notifications including the supplier facing notifications under Administration Tasks.  



    3. After you find the notification you want to edit, you can click to open it.

    Click Edit on the top left and edit the structure of the page. Then you can highlight the paragraph you want to edit and click on the edit icon on the top right.


    4. Launch the express builder and make edits.

    From the edit component pop up window, you can launch the express builder to edit the content of this paragraph.


    You can replace the paragraph with a brand new paragraph.


    After you apply the changes, your changes can be saved.


    5. Publish the sandbox

    After you publish the sandbox, your changes will be available on the notifications.

    To summarize, you can use either user interface text or page composer to modify notification content. With user interface text, you can edit the content in the string but can’t remove any tokens

    With page composer, you can remove tokens and replace the entire paragraph.