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    Nompumelelo Hlomuka
    Digital Assistant connectivity to 3rd party applications
    Topic posted February 18, 2019 by Nompumelelo Hlomuka, tagged API, Bots, Virtual Assistant 
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    Digital Assistant connectivity to 3rd party applications

    How does the Digital assistant connect to HR, Procurement and Finance systems; as well as other 3rd party applications. Also, are there any pre-built APIs that could be leveraged.




    • Grant Ronald

      So long as that backend system can expose a service as REST (or via an interface that exposes REST) then ODA can call that service using something called Custom Component.

      Check out

      Or here

      • Satshah

        Hi Grant,

        Does that mean if I have on premise application(EBS,PSFT etc) If can expose data expose a service as REST I can get work done?

        can I make this work, as a flow ODA->PaaS(SOA)->(EBS,PSFT)?

        Also to consider applications within the network, they can expose as REST but not to the outside world, they can be accessed via VPN only. so is there a way ODA request are routed via VPN where VPN is deployed in some PaaS product?