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    Subbarao Medicharla
    Enterprise Schedule Services (ESS) - Update Supplier...
    Topic posted February 2, 2019 by Subbarao MedicharlaBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Supplier Communication, Supplier Creation, Supplier Merge, Supplier Profile Management, Supplier Registration, Supplier User Account 
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    Enterprise Schedule Services (ESS) - Update Supplier Keyword Search Index and Source to Settle Counts
    Enterprise Schedule Services (ESS) - Update Supplier Keyword Search Index and Source to Settle Counts


    I came across one scheduled process which is scheduled for every 1/2 hr. The schedule process name is  Update Supplier Keyword Search Index and Source to Settle Counts.I would like to know the main objective of  the schedule process. We don't have any idea who scheduled it and it's significance. Our client would like to  stop the process.

    I checked in Procurement Cloud documentation but didn't get any information on this ESS.  Can you please letme know about the schedul process.



    Oracle Cloud Application Revision 13.18.10 (



    • Shivani Roy

      Hi Subba,

      We wanted to know why does the client want to stop it.

      It is an internal process that is auto scheduled when the customer starts using the application. It helps improve performance of certain flows.

      Some Links to give you an idea on this process:

      Supplier keyword indexing also works in this similar fashion :




      • Subbarao Medicharla

        Hi Shivani,

        Thanks for quick response.

        Internal Audit team is going through these processes and observed that this  process is  running for every half hour every day (Update Supplier Keyword Search Index and Source to Settle Counts). The user who scheduled this process is only has Procurement View access only. This user knows nothing about this process and has no idea why it is running against her name every day.  

        Customer would like to know about the scheduled process and the imppact of cancelling the process. Please provide me some more details if you have any.

        In Supplier documentation, I didn't come across any information regarding this process. It is better to provide a write on these kind of processes.




    • Martijn Duijn

      Why is this process initiated by a (random) user who goes into the UI and not a system user? When such a process is scheduled by a FUSION_APPS user no one will even think about cancelling it. I can understand a random user who only sees his own scheduled processes might think he made a mistake somewhere and will cancel the process.

    • Subbarao Medicharla

      Yes, You are right, Martijin.

      Hi Shivani,

      Now our internal audit team question is what will happen if that user quits the organization. How the process will run?

      What happens if scheduled process is cancelled? 

      I strongly believe that  Process initiated by a random user is not a good practice. The user would stop the process thinking that she inadvertantly initiated it.

      Can you please answer the above questions?




    • Piyush Singh

      Hi Subba,

      We are already evaluating the issue you have raised about the user leaving the organization. For further issues, can we suggest you to open a service request?