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    Wahab Ladjeroud
    error satus 403 cannot svave record
    Topic posted October 7, 2019 by Wahab LadjeroudGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Business Objects, Stage / Publish / DevOps 
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    error satus 403 cannot svave record
    Saving a newly created record gives 403: save faild


    I am building an application.

    I can preview, add data, delete and update data.

    When i staged the application

    i anam not able to see tha few records i had previously

    and when i try to add new one and press save

    i have the following error:

    Thank you in advance

    Version: 19.1.3



    • Shay Shmeltzer

      When you staged the application - which option did you choose in regards to your database objects?

      Publishing Your App Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service

      When you are running your staged app - are you using the link from the stage option?

      What's in your browser console when the save is failed? What's in the network tab?

    • Wahab Ladjeroud


      When i staged the application, i simply used the existing development data.

      I used the link to get to the application .

      I followed your advice and checked the network tab and i see fetch problem.

      i will pass you the logs.


      Thank you

      • Shay Shmeltzer

        Click on the calls that fail and check out what information you get on them as to why they failed.

        There isn't enough information in the screenshot to be able to help you

    • Wahab Ladjeroud
    • Wahab Ladjeroud

      Thank you Mister Shmeltzer,

      The application was working well until i started chnaged input text filed to list of values.

      I checked the error but i see nothing helpfull.

      I was also asked to add more fileds to the business object and we have reach a number of 70.

      But after the export of data i cannot see the last ones.

      Do we have a limit on the number of fields by objects?

      i can upload the application as a zip file if you want.

      there are few records



    • Wahab Ladjeroud


      I reviewed again the security and you were right from the beginning.

      Now i can create new records.

      Thank you again.

    • Wahab Ladjeroud


      I managed to get this small application to work, with your advice.

      I can go inside and see records but when i save , it does not take it.

      I was aked to add more informations on the form, maybe that's why it's not saved due to the fact that initially these field were not part of the form.

      I added through jason.

      i am uploading the application

      Maybe that will give you an idea


      Thank you.

      • Shay Shmeltzer

        Running your app I was able to add a record without any issues.

        If it fails for you - what error do you get from the REST call to save the data?

    • Wahab Ladjeroud


      There was no error. it simply did not save the changes.

      I redid the form and i was able to update a record and got it saved.

      We try to use a business object with an id generated by us, for a business need, but Visual builder has an error creating it.

      Is it possible to make visual builder accept our ID?


      Thank you

      • Shay Shmeltzer

        I'm not sure I follow your issue - this error screen seems to be from an "import from file" type of activity.

        Are you sure the file that you are trying to import is correctly structured to match your BO? If you export the data from a BO to a file - and then change the data in that file - does import work?

        The ID field that VB creates in a BO is managed by VB. If you want another field with another ID you can just create another field with a different name and store in it whatever value you want. The BO however would still need to use the ID field VB is managing. 

    • Wahab Ladjeroud


      Thank you for everything.

      I go back to your blogs and find solutions.

      Now the application works very well.

      Just a little thing that i was not able to find any documentation about it.

      The input text and text area created by the quick start wizard seems not to be resizable.

      I used different technics in app.css without success.


      Do you thik that there is a way to overcome the size limit of components created by quick start wizard.?


      Thank you

      • Shay Shmeltzer

        I'm guessing that this is because your components are inside an oj-form-layout that dictates their width.

        Have a read here:

        Specifically there is this:

        - All other elements will span the entire width of a single label/value pair. To have a form element span multiple columns, add an oj-label-value component as a child of the oj-form-layout add the component that you want to span multiple columns as a child of the oj-label-value. The colspan attribute on the oj-label-value is used to specify the number of columns to span, and the direction attribute on the oj-form-layout must be set to "row". NOTE: To minimize the need for adding a style attribute to achieve a max-width of 100% on the column spanning component and to facilitate start and end field alignment, the default max-width for form controls is changed to 100% when all of the following conditions are met: - direction == "row" - max-columns > 1 - there is at least one oj-label-value child with a colspan attribute specified.

        You can alternatively place input components outside the form and control their size.

    • Wahab Ladjeroud

      Thank you,

      Did try the solution , but issue still persisting.

      The size does not change.

      I will review again the JET document as you suggested.

      I am sure that this can be  corrrected.


      Thank you again