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    Romark George Armor Palaganas
    Access File storage of License Compliance Dashboard
    Topic posted June 7, 2019 by Romark George Armor PalaganasRed Ribbon: 250+ Points 
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    Access File storage of License Compliance Dashboard
    Can we see or access what is inside file storage that the dashboard is reporting?


    We've been generating this report and suddenly the value in File Storage tab doubled its value and we wanted to know which caused it. Is there a way to get the break down of its records?

    Thank you




    • Romark George Armor Palaganas

      This has been resolved. Sharing you Oracle's response.


       Ive had an engineer review this for you and what they found was an extra row was added into the table that CSI was pulling from so it was calculated twice that day. Overall, the storage didn't change that day so please ignore that number. I also wanted to make you aware that CSI is deprecated and no longer being maintained. Our internal ops team is working to expose alot of this data on our end user pages. You will want to start reviewing the link below as we continue to expose this data outside of CSI.