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    Marko Knezevic
    Questionnaire for new supplier - how to
    Topic posted February 18, 2019 by Marko KnezevicBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Approvals/Notifications, How-To, Supplier Registration 
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    Questionnaire for new supplier - how to
    How to register only suppliers who qualify


    I have created the questions and qualification area, added the rule to show the questions (questionnaire) on supplier registration and enabled the questionnaire show on registration pages for Prospective and Spend Authorized external supplier registration forms.
    The supplier fills the questionnaire during the registration but the initiative for evaluation (qualification) is not created until the new supplier is approved and registrered.

    I have tried this setup:

    Supplier Registration Approvals

    • first stage approval only => condition: Business Relationship Equals Spend Authorized
    • Action1: Approval required by Supplier Administrators

    Supplier Spend Authorization Approvals

    • first stage approval only => condition Rule always applies
    • Action1: Approval required by Supplier Managers

    Supplier Qualification: Manage Rule Sets

    • Registration: Automatically create qualifications
    • added rule that applies for both Spend and Prospective
    • added my qualification area

    I would like to evaluate all new suppliers before the Spend Authorization Request is raised and depending on evaluation outcome the system to autoapprove the supplier for Spend or wait for manual approval by Supplier Managers.

    Can the system be set up to perform like this (spend authorized registration URL) and how to do it?:

    1. supplier fills the registration form and answers the questions during the process => clicks Register
    2. new supplier registration approval task is raised, approved by Supplier Administrator
    3. initiative from the questionnaire is created and has to be evaluated by the evaluator
    4. if evaluation outcome is "OK" then autoapprove spend authorized approval request (FYI to Supplier Manager)
    5. if evaluation outcome is "NOT OK" then notify the Supplier Manager to manually approve or reject Spend authorized request

    Thank you for your help.

    Best regards,




    • Piyush Singh

      Hi Marko,

      As of now, what you are asking is not supported. You can share this as an idea under Supplier Qualification Management forum.