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    Oracle DBaaS Adopter to ATP Adopter MigrationAnswered
    Topic posted August 6, 2019 by ArunkumarRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Adapters, Database 
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    Oracle DBaaS Adopter to ATP Adopter Migration
    Oracle DBaaS Adopter to ATP Adopter Migration

    Hi All,


    We are in the process of Upgrading the Classic Database to ATP Cloud Service. In this DB, we have an OIC Integrations Tracking tables.

    Now we have connected to ATP through ATP adopter. change in the adopter requires all integration to be rebuilt.

    Is there any alternative solution to migrate the integration without changing the mapping for the Oracle DBaaS adopter to ATP adopter?

    Thanks in Advance.




    Autonomous Oracle Integration Cloud Service

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    Sushma Yeleshwarapu

    Arun, The fix is being worked on and would be available in another 2 weeks. Please wait for the Upgrade to happen. You wouldn't be seeing an issue after that.


    Thanks & Regards,




    • Kanchankumar Khedkar

      Hello Arun,

      Please refer - 

      This uses OIC rest API to update integrations. 

      Though it mentions, 

      • Only connection of same adapter type can be replaced. You can't replace a connection of Oracle Sales Cloud adapter with a connection of FTP adapter type.


      I think it should work for DBaaS and ATP Adapter. I have not tried it with DBaaS and ATP, so not 100% sure but it is definitely worth a try. Please let us know results in case you try it out.

      It works if you are trying to replace REST connection/SOAP Connection with another REST/SOAP connection.



      • Mani

        Kanchan, thanks for sharing a very useful article. Its a pain to replace a connection manually (delete and add) in OIC. this'd be really useful.

      • Arunkumar

        No Luck Kanchan, 


        "status": "HTTP 400 Bad Request",
        "title": "Failed to save integration configuration because one or more connection dependencies have an adapter type mismatch.",
        "type": ""



    • Ravi Sankaran

      Hi All:

      A new version of DBaaS adapter is being rolled out - This provides direct connectivity - removing the need for installing Connectivity Agent to let OIC communicate with DBaaS . This direct connectivity will be secure - SSL transport based security will be relied upon. Customer can download Credentials Wallet from DBaaS or ATP CS ; and upload it via connection page.

      We are also having DBaaS adapter certified against ATP CS -  With this, we would also support existing integrations built against DBaaS to integrate with ATP CS with one caveat - there will be no polling support . 




      • Arunkumar

        Hi Ravi,


        I have changed the Connection details in Oracle DBaaS Adopter to ATP. Tested Successfully. 

        But when we ran the integration, I got the error attached. Is something is missing?



    • Sushma Yeleshwarapu

      Hi Arun,

      Could you let us know which version of OIC are you on?