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    Hong Gao
    Country Defaulting in Supplier Address Creation
    Topic posted March 27, 2018 by Hong GaoGold Medal: 3,500+ Points, tagged Supplier Creation, Supplier Profile Management, Supplier Registration, Tip 
    Country Defaulting in Supplier Address Creation
    Defaulting logic in supplier address creation for different supplier management flows

    When a supplier address is created in various supplier management flows such as registration and profile management, the application will derive and default a country based on the following logic.

    A. External/Supplier Self Service Registration:

    1. If the parameter "countryCode" and a value is provided in the registration URL, it will be used to derive the country. For example, if user appends "&countryCode=FR" at the end of the external registration URL, country will be defaulted to France when user is creating address during the registration.
    2. If the parameter "countryCode" is not provided or it does not resolve to a country, the application will derive the country using the location assigned to the inviting Procurement BU that is associated with the registration URL.  To set the location of the Procurement BU:
      • Go to Setup and Maintenance work area and go to the Manage Business Unit setup page
      • Search for the Procurement BU, set the location and click Save
    3. If no country information can be obtained from the aforementioned, no default country will be populated.

    B. Internal Supplier Registration/Create or Edit Supplier/Register Supplier in Sourcing/Request New Supplier in Self Service Procurement:

    1. If a Procurement BU is provided in any of these cases, the application will use the location assigned to the Procurement BU to obtain a country.
      • For Internal Supplier Registration flow, Procurement BU is optional.
      • For Create Supplier or Edit Supplier flow, there is no Procurement BU context for address creation.
      • For Register Supplier flow in Sourcing, the Procurement BU is the one defined in the negotiation.
      • For Request New Supplier flow in Self Service Procurement, the application will first obtain the Requisitioning BU from the Requisitioning Preferences page in the Purchase Requisitions work area. It will then use the Requisitioning BU to derive a default Procurement BU from the Configure Requisitioning Business Function setup page.
    2. If a Procurement BU is not provided or if the Procurement BU does not carry a location assignment, the application will obtain the country from the job assignment location for the current user's employee record in HCM.  To set or change user's job assignment location on the employee record:
      • Go to Person Management work area and search for the person that the user is associated with
      • Take Manage Employment action, click Edit and then Update
      • Select Action: Location Change and click OK
      • Set the location for the job assignment and click Save
    3. If no country information can be obtained from the aforementioned, no default country will be populated.

    C. Edit Profile in Supplier Portal:

         When a supplier user creates a new address, if all active supplier addresses have the same country information, the application will use that country for defaulting. Otherwise, no country defaulting is supported.