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    Sukanta Saha
    Supplier Invoice and Payment Reconciliation
    Topic posted October 21, 2019 by Sukanta Saha, tagged Cash Management, Financials, Payables, Period Close / Reconciliation 
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    Supplier Invoice and Payment Reconciliation
    Supplier Invoice and Payment Reconciliation

    Hello Team,

    Do we have process to reconcile supplier provided invoices and payments statement with AP invoice and payment present in Oracle Fusion for that supplier?

    Thanks in advance!

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    • Becky Alvarez


      We have a recommended reconciliation process that is contained in the  attached White Paper that covers all the relevant modules.  When we are reconciling the Payables Subledger, we are we are reconciling what has been invoiced, paid and reconciled with the bank.  Then what has posted to AP in the GL vs with is showing in AP for posted invoices and posted Payments.  This is based on Generally Accepted Accounted Practices or GAAP and are what we have found most corporations use to reconcile.  Please review the attached and if there is a report that you would like to see, We suggest you use our build in OBI reporting tool to generate any additional reports that you would like to have as additional information or backup to the standard reports we provide.