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    Raghavendra Manchigiah
    Access PaaS : Integration forum
    Topic posted August 1, 2018 by Raghavendra ManchigiahBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged Discussion Forums, Help Center 
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    Access PaaS : Integration forum
    Unable to post or comment in PaaS : Integration forum


    I am Unable to post or comment in PaaS : Integration forum with my user id. I am denied access when i try to do so. Could you please help me understand , how i can participate/ contribute in these forums?

    Error message:

    403: Oops! Access Denied

    Sorry, you don't have permission to view this page.




    • Hemal Kapasi

      Hi Raghavendra,

      Some of the requests for access to PaaS and SaaS forums are approved manually. In your case, I believe that there was some issue due to your two accounts - one with your Inspirage email and the second one with your outlook email.

      Please review your options now and let us know if you have access to contribute to the PaaS forums now.

      Thank You

      • Raghavendra Manchigiah

        Hi Hemal

        I will be using Inspirage - corporate email primarily. I tried logging in freshly today and still encounter the same error.

        Kindly help resolve.

        Best Regards,


    • Hemal Kapasi

      Hi Raghavendra,

      Can you please check again? Everything looks good on our side. I hope it's not the browser cache causing the problem